The 20th Anniversary of ANCOP Walk

The 20th Anniversary of ANCOP Walk

Sharing Hope Together: The 20th Anniversary of ANCOP Walk

When you hear the phrase "Sharing Hope Together," what comes to mind? For the attendees of the 20th ANCOP (Answer the Cry of the Poor) Walk, it symbolizes two decades of compassionate action, community spirit, and global outreach. This year, the journey to spread hope illuminated 16 locations across Canada, uniting hearts and goals in the process. At the forefront of this epic annual event were its global founder, Couples for Christ, and the largest supporter in Winnipeg, the Vickar Automotive Group, led by its owner, Mr. Larry Vickar.

A Momentous Gathering in Winnipeg

Winnipeg experienced a powerful spectacle of empathy and action on August 26 at Assiniboine Park. Over 600 participants gathered to contribute to a cause that transcends geographical borders and cultural differences. When you have 600-plus individuals showing up to make a statement about community and humanitarianism, you know you're part of something monumental.

It is so wonderful! The Vickar Auto Group, myself, and Tova are so happy to have these over 600 like-minded and like-hearted people helping the less fortunate kababayan in whatever way we can. It's a humanitarian thing. Thank you all for your support.

The Power of Shared Hope

Mr. Vickar's opening speech was not just an acknowledgement of the day's significance; it was an articulation of a larger theme—“Sharing Hope Together.” The Vickar family and their business have been integral participants in ANCOP's initiatives for years. His words captured the essence of what this organization, and by extension, the event, aims to achieve.

As he put it, "Hope is a huge word, and we all need hope for a better tomorrow, a better today, and together we could build that hope." Hope is not something confined to the individual; it thrives when nurtured within a community. By coming together for causes that resonate with our shared values, we manifest collective hope-building, setting the groundwork for tangible change.

Future-Focused Announcements

The ANCOP Walk was not just about commemorating past accomplishments; it was a launchpad for future endeavors. Prominent community leaders Paul Ong and Dr. Tricia Magsino-Barnabe graced the event with thrilling announcements. Dr. Barnabe shared plans for a dental, optical, and vision mission to the Philippines through ANCOP scheduled for February 2024. What makes this mission noteworthy is its focus on providing comprehensive healthcare—a cornerstone in elevating communities.

Meanwhile, Paul Ong declared that ANCOP would be the chosen beneficiary of his annual charity concert happening this November. It's partnerships like these that continue to build and diversify the ways in which ANCOP serves communities.

The Pinnacle of Compassion

Perhaps the most heartwarming moment of the day was when Vickar Auto Group presented a generous donation of $25,000. This wasn’t just a financial contribution; it was a significant testament to what collective will can achieve. The presentation of the symbolic cheque was more than a ceremonial gesture; it was a powerful affirmation of the community’s commitment to the ANCOP Walk's overarching goal: alleviating poverty through education, healthcare, and livelihood programs.

Beyond the Walk

The 20th anniversary of ANCOP Walk is a milestone, not a destination. It is an encouragement for everyone involved to take stock of what has been accomplished and to set their sights on new horizons. As the old adage goes, "Many hands make light work." In the context of ANCOP Walk, many hearts also make hope work.

As we look forward to another year of fruitful efforts and compassionate outreach, let's carry the words "Sharing Hope Together" close to our hearts. Let them be more than just a slogan; let them be a mantra that guides us in our daily interactions, choices, and charitable acts.

It's when we commit to sharing hope that we discover its true power—transformative, sustaining, and infinitely possible. So, let this 20th anniversary serve as a reminder that when we unite in a common cause, we don't just make a difference in individual lives; we forge a legacy of compassion and change that will be remembered for generations to come.

Here's to another 20 years of sharing hope, changing lives, and making history!

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