2024 Rady JCC Sports Dinner

2024 Rady JCC Sports Dinner

2024 Rady JCC Sports Dinner

Segway Villain SX10X

The Segway Villain SX10X represents a notable entry in the side-by-side ATV market, tailored for enthusiasts looking for a blend of sport performance and practical features. This model is designed to cater to the rigorous demands of off-road adventure, combining advanced technology with robust construction.

Design and Build: The Segway Villain SX10X emerges as a groundbreaking addition to the side-by-side ATV market, combining sport performance with practical features in a modern and innovative design. With its rounded, 'swoopy' lines and futuristic appearance, the SX10X stands out on the trails, flaunting an aggressive "Apex Predator Face" and a "Pounce Stance" that underscore its dominance as the top predator in the ATV world. The exposed components of its robust engineering highlight the vehicle's durability, while the high-strength Chromium-molybdenum steel frame ensures that it remains lightweight yet exceptionally rigid. This combination not only offers a secure and precise driving experience but also a resilient and stylish finish. Inside, the focus on ergonomic design and effective use of color enhances both functionality and style, making the SX10X a powerful statement of efficiency and elegance in the ATV industry.

Performance: The Villain's 1000cc engine is exceptionally competitive within the 1000CC displacement level for SSVs, offering superior low-speed performance characteristics thanks to its robust 88 N-m of low-end torque. Engaging full throttle unleashes rapid and thrilling acceleration that is sure to ignite the riding spirit.

1. Optimal Powertrain Technology Design

The 1000CC engine includes an advanced fuel injection and ignition system paired with a carefully optimized camshaft featuring long duration and high lift. This configuration ensures excellent performance adaptability across a broad range of temperatures and delivers robust power at high altitudes.

2. Dual Oil Column Piston Cooling System

Our engine utilizes a Dual Oil Column Piston Cooling system that keeps the engine cool under the most challenging riding conditions, promoting long-term mechanical durability.

3. Liquid & Oil Heat Exchanger Cooling System

In addition to the Dual Oil Column Piston Cooling, the engine benefits from a Liquid & Oil Heat Excess of ground clearance allow for excellent maneuverability and control, even at higher speeds or in tight corners. The handling is sharp and predictable, with no undesirable body roll or instability, inspiring confidence across different terrains.

Utility Features: One of the most impressive aspects of the SX10X is its utility capability. It includes a robust two-inch hitch receiver, enabling it to tow up to 2900 pounds—more than many utility-focused vehicles. Additionally, it can haul 300 pounds in its cargo bed, making it not only a vehicle for sport but also a practical tool for transportation needs.

Wheels and Tires: The model comes with 29-inch tires mounted on true bead lock wheels, providing enhanced security and performance off-road. These wheels ensure that the tires remain firmly in place, even under lower pressure conditions, which is ideal for navigating rough and uneven surfaces.

Technology and Interior: Inside, the SX10X is equipped with a 10.4-inch digital dashboard TFT screen, offering an array of functionalities at a glance. This includes navigation, vehicle diagnostics, and multimedia options, enriching the driving experience. The overall interior design is futuristic, akin to modern automobiles, with a focus on ergonomics and comfort. Features like adjustable seating and a comprehensive digital gauge display cater to both comfort and control.

Additional Features:: The SX10X distinguishes itself with thoughtful inclusions such as a winch and skid plate for enhanced utility. These additions are not merely for aesthetic appeal but provide real-world functionality that off-road enthusiasts will appreciate.

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