2022 ANCOP Walk

2022 ANCOP Walk

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“Charity begins at home,” a common saying that is true to its meaning last August 27, Saturday when ANCOP held its annual ANCOP Walk at the Assiniboine Park, with more than 600 sponsors, donors, and volunteers strolling leisurely under the grey cloud and gentle wisp of the summer wind.

And the spirit of giving lifted to raise more than $48,000 and expecting more donations to be received until ANCOP’s fundraising ends in September 2022. This is a herculean effort to fill up the needs for the ANCOP housing in Baloy, Lanao del Norte where there are 49 houses awarded to the victims of Marawi disaster. This amount adds up to cover the $190,000 balance in the $295K budget for the Marawi victims. All these monies were raised and to be raised by ANCOP Winnipeg.

“Personally, Tova and I were again overwhelmed by the utmost community support shown to our team members from the businesses of our Vickar Automotive Group,” Larry Vickar said. “The funds raised again will support the worthy project in the Philippines by providing homes for the poorest among the poor, educational scholarships, and of course, livelihood programs,” Vickar added.

As to the experience the true act of charity, Larry and Tova Vickar have traveled many times to the Philippines when on one of their trips, their son Stephen, and his wife Maria and other team members accompanied them and saw through their own eyes the fulfillment of so many dreams for the beneficiaries of their support.

ANCOP Canada has been active in helping the poor in the Philippines for more than nineteen years.

“Let me express our most sincere thank you’s to all who joined for their continued support on a going basis to help the most worthwhile cause through ANCOP (Answering the Cries of the Poor. ), ” Larry said with the quiet grace of a smile.

Zalde Santos, the current ANCOP Coordinator, at the fundraising said: “ As Larry Vickar said at the beginning of the run, ‘This walk is sharing hope together,’ we, the ANCOP volunteers have one goal to alleviate poverty, sponsoring child education through humanitarian and community development programs.”

Last Saturday’s ANCOP fundraising become a family affair, even their pets had joined the walk, and amidst the sound of music and Zumba portion led by Daisy Villegas of The Royal Goldies Family, the group of volunteers and donors were perked up with enthusiasm that behind their charitable gesture and commitment, their efforts have been mustering to elevate our poor kababayans, and beef-up their spirits.

Gem Robis was the lucky winner of a semi-acoustic guitar donated by Zaldy and Gina Ordonez, die-hard donors and volunteers of ANCOP, of C & K Music.” Thank you C & K for the guitar. Looking forward to learning and playing music for my prayer group,” Gem said.

Of course, Vickar Jeepney has been a crowd drawer to unleash that nostalgic moment among the Filipino Winnipeggers! And this iconic jeepney provided a ride to some members who physically were not capable of walking.

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